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Our Coffee

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Café Mandala Ecuador comes from Vilcabamba. A small town located at around 5300 feet above sea level in the furthest southern province of Ecuador, Loja. This peaceful village was referred to as “Sacred Valley” by the Incas and now days is known as “The Valley of Longevity”. It is believed that people of Vilcabamba have long healthy lives due to the balance of perfect weather, cristal clear spring water and an active lifestyle. At Café Mandala Ecuador we strive to provide a product that carries on the essence of this magical town by perfectly balancing aroma, taste and quality.

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The characteristics of the valley where Café Mandala Ecuador is grown provide us the perfect environment to produce Arabica coffee with a Balanced body complemented by it's caramel and citrus scent. 

We take our responsibility with our planet and our bodies very seriously, and that is why Café Mandala Ecuador uses 100% organic products on every stage of the production process.

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